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When it comes to shower wall material, you really only have two options, tile or grout free walls, which are available in different materials and price points.


OKAY – More and more people are looking for a grout free shower and there are several options for this. Big box stores sell different types of bathroom shower kits. They have the white, three-piece fiberglass type with build-in shelves. The negatives with this type, is that the panels usually hang over the shower pan and they have cracks where the panels connect together and all along the bottom, which are almost too large to caulk. These screw directly to the studs and require drywall repair up to the edge of the panel. Big box stores also sell flat wall panels, which glue directly to the sheetrock. These are thin and cheaply made and overpriced, for what you’re getting. They do look nice when finished and are a better option, then the fiberglass type.  I dislike installing these because the products arent that good and people arent always happy…read the reviews…you get what you pay for. But if accessibility is of utmost importance to you, then its perfect! 

GOOD – For only a little more, I heartly endorse a  grout free option made by Fibo. This is a far superior product, on 3/8 marine grade plywood, with almost endless design and color options. 

AWESOME! – The best grout free option, when elegance, beauty, easy cleaning, one piece walls, lifetime guarantee and home value are important,  is the fully custom, High-Tech Polymer Acrylic product, made by BCI. These showers start at around $12,000, however, but people love them.


Tile is still the preferred material for showers. We offer either a one-piece composite or tile shower pan and we only use High-Tech Polymer Grout, which never needs sealing…but we seal it anyway and recommend you use the sealer we will give you once a year, to assure easy cleaning and no bacteria build-up. Whether you choose Grout Free or Tile, we can provide you with a beautiful long lasting safe shower. We have many references you can call, that will give you confidence and peace of mind.

No matter which shower you choose, we can install grab bars, seats and other important safety features you may want. Call us today for a free consultation and you will be one step closer to your dream bathroom!

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